Our History

Foreword by Hon. Alan Brown Patron

This Foundation is unique and has come about as a result of significant community engagement to establish a method to address the medium to long-term needs of a region devastated by the 2009 Black Saturday fires now known as the Beechworth – Mudgegonga Fire Complex. A community foundation was chosen as a high priority as it could clearly assist in addressing such needs. Read more…

The Into Our Hands Community Foundation was formed to continue the recovery process after Australia’s worst natural disaster, the 2009 bushfires.

The Foundation was formed in 2012 to provide benefits to the region of North East Victoria and surrounding communities, making grants and undertaking community leadership and partnership activities.

In 2011, Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund allocated $16 million, to assist in addressing the medium to long-term recovery needs of all the fire-affected communities.  The Beechworth-Mudgegonga Fire Complex burnt 33,577 hectares in north east Victoria, impacting on the natural environment, homes and farming land in and surrounding the rural communities of Barwidgee Creek, Bruarong, Dederang, Gundowring, Kancoona, Mudgegonga, Murmungee, Rosewhite and Stanley.  The Community Foundation was the tool identified to bring our futures  “INTO OUR HANDS” and was allocated $1million dollars to assist with recovery over 10 years.

Into Our Hands Community Foundation Limited is a public company limited by guarantee and is not for profit. The company acts as the trustee of the Into Our Hands Community Foundation which is a registered charity.

The Foundation will provide fantastic opportunities for flexible funding to inspire local communities to develop projects and activities to help build resilience.  This process will encourage our communities to strengthen their connections within and between all levels of government, agencies and their local businesses.

Into Our Hands Community Foundation has the ability to provide significant contribution to the sustainability of our region beyond the funds allocated by VBAF. Into Our Hands Community Foundation needs to grow our corpus to ensure we can continue to support our rural town to thrive, grow and strengthen.  Individuals, families and businesses to donate to the Foundation so that the accumulated capital (the corpus) is retained in the North East region and the income generated is used to meet the need of the local communities.

Into Our Hands Foundation Launch and Landscape Master Plan – 12th March 2013