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Our Funds

Mt Buffalo Chalet Fund

Often referred to as The Grande Old Dame of Victoria’s Alpine region, the incredibly picturesque Mount Buffalo Chalet is perched on the top of Bent’s Lookout, with breathtaking views that stretch out over the famous Gorge.

Help a community take action to ensure that Australia’s largest timber building, is preserved for future generations.

Chalet Restorations and Works 

Commencing in 2017 and completed in 2019 the $2.8 million external maintenance works included major tasks such as re-stumping and restoring structural integrity, major works to ensure that the roof was sound and waterproof, plus weatherboard replacement and repainting of the main building. Detailed historical and cultural interpretative signage is now in place to inform the visitor of the Chalet’s history and its place in early tourism of North East Victoria.

Parks Victoria are continuing to carry out external works and painting at the rear of the main building and the outbuildings as an ongoing project – Parks Victoria has spent $280,000 to date in 2020 on works and maintenance.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. As a sub-fund of Into Our Hands Community Foundation, the Mt Buffalo Chalet Fund. can receive donations of cash, property and shares.