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North East Victorian Bushfire Support, Relief and Recovery Fund

OPEN, Taking expressions of interest

Following the events over New Years Eve and early January 2020 in the Alpine, Corryong, King Valley and Wangaratta  areas of our region in North East Victoria, we have established setting up a specific appeal fund for ongoing Bushfire Relief for our communities.

We believe it is vital that local communities have the means to support local bushfire response and recovery needs now and into the future. We also hope to attract donations from across our own region while we work with local authorities to understand how donations and funding can be used to best aid those affected.

We are part of the Wangaratta relief committee and are talking with both the Alpine and Wangaratta Shires and other relief agencies about how we can be of support.

For organisations and community groups  seeking funding or support we welcome you to submit a project expression of interest to our Board of Directors for consideration.  The Into Our Hands Community Foundation Board meet every six weeks, 11 times a year and can review project submissions as they are submitted.

Grant criteria

Grants must demonstrate charitable purpose or public benefit. Please go to the ACNC website for an outline of charitable activities supported.  Grants can go to a range of organisations but not for private or individual benefit. We also accept applications from register item 1 registered charities and non profits.

Focus areas: 

  • Improving Community Connectedness and Social Wellbeing
    • Community Capacity Building for Future Disasters
    • Community Events and Arts Programs
    • Reconnecting Community with Nature

The Board is especially interested in projects  that can support community strengthening, resilience and positive transformation for our region and communities.

We are interested in visionary ideas that have a whole-of-region impact approach and can demonstrate broad and multiple benefits for the community including but not limited to:
• Region wide or pilots/ programs/ projects designed to innovate and improve outcomes for beneficiaries
• Infrastructure and precinct developments in line with community priorities
• Innovation and social enterprise concepts
• Research, planning and project development
• Partnerships and connections that will enhance non-profit capacity to serve
• Leadership, talent and ideas for positive change in our community
• Regional and community development approaches that seek to build community capacity, assets, opportunity and vibrancy.

North East Victorian Bushfire Support, Relief and Recovery- Grant expression of Interest

Black Saturday Victorian Bushfire Appeal Trust

CLOSED. Not currently taking applications

Into our Hands Community Foundation was established with a capital fund of $1 million from the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund  2012 (VBAF) to help address the needs of communities in the Alpine, Wangaratta and Indigo Shire by supporting medium to long-term recovery projects following the Black Saturday fires of 2009. This Trust provides grants under the strict parameters of the VBAF Trust Fund, the Foundation can only support projects that assist those directly affected by the Beechworth-Mudgegonga Fire Complex.

To date, Into Our Hands Has distributed over $970,000 over 8 years to over 100 community projects in North East Victoria.

General Grants Information – Into Our Hands Public Fund

CLOSED. Not currently taking applications

Into Our Hands Community Foundation provides grants to support a wide range of local initiatives to develop stronger communities.  Our Foundation provides support in the areas of:

  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Arts and culture
  • Social services
  • Education
  • Health

For each grant round, the Foundation may target a priority area or areas within the above scope.  If you are interested in applying for any grant with the Into Our Hands Community Foundation you are encouraged to:

  • Sign up to receive our newsletter, which includes grant announcements and other information
  • Get in touch with the Into Our Hands Community Foundation
  • Complete and submit the Grant Expression of interest form where funding is available.

Give Wangaratta Fund- General grants and Pitch Up Grant Process.

CLOSED. Not currently taking applications

Give Wangaratta is a local philanthropic community fund to support issues and causes that matter to the town and its neighbouring communities (RCOW)

It has a specific focus on supporting children, youth and families who are vulnerable.

The fund is currently working across the Wangaratta community build up its corpus for grant making. You can support the fund by donating here_- insert donation page link.

Each year the fund hosts the Give Wangaratta Pitch Up, a live grant awards and crowdfunded night which sees three local charities and non profits pitch to the crowd for funding and support.

Give Wangaratta runs a competitive grant process for the Pitch Up event. Please follow our social and news to stay up to date for when this grant process opens which will be in the second half of 2020.

More info on Give Wangaratta

Philanthropy and Grant Advice

Into Our Hands Community Foundation can also provide local community groups and non profit/ charitable organisations with advice and support to achieve alternative funding from other philanthropic organisations. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive updates about current and open funding rounds from other philanthropic and government funding agencies. We also can act as a referral for some local corporate organisations that run community grant schemes.

Some of our funding partners include:

Grant writing tips presentation

For tips on writing a strong application and how to access alternative funding, a link to a power point presentation is provided

IOH Grant writing workshop 2018 FINAL

To view the Grant Expression of Interest Form please click the link below:

Past Grant Recipients

2012-2018 Grant Recipients