The potential of our local community foundation to continue post the 10 year anniversary of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires was significantly boosted earlier this month when a partnership between Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates and Into Our Hands Community Foundation was announced at their annual general meeting in Beechworth last week. This marks the largest individual donation for the Foundation since it was formed in 2012.

Han’s Sip, Director of Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery will donate proceeds from the sale of 99 limited editions prints of the original painting in his collection, The Kanatgurk and the Crow painted by eminent Australian Indigenous artists Billy Doolan and valued at over $14,000. Painted following Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009, the painting depicts a fire dreaming and the story of how the crow turned black and it’s role as the maker and keeper of fire.

‘When I heard about Into Our Hands, it was a natural fit. We had a painting commissioned for an event at Melbourne Town Hall after Black Saturday in 2009 and Billy and I wanted to see it used to help raise funds for communities affected by Bushfire. This partnership has great timing because it reminds us around the anniversary of the fires and the stories surrounding them, but it’s also a great opportunity to sell the prints to continue the community support that Into Our Hands Community Foundation has been providing’ Sip said.

Into Our Hands Community Foundation Board and Executive Officer are thrilled with the partnership and hope that it can demonstrate to other local businesses how philanthropy and business can work together for community outcomes.

‘ We are overjoyed with the donation and what it means for the Foundation’. Executive Officer, Sarah Thompson commented. ‘Hans and his team have some great ideas and vision for the community and Into Our Hands Foundation is working locally across Alpine , Indigo and Wangaratta areas to demonstrate the value of philanthropic partnerships for local businesses and industry.

Giving locally can improve your brand value, and employee and consumer satisfaction because customers know that when they support your business they are also supporting the broader community. Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery is an amazing space and experience to learn about Indigenous painting and culture and everyone should take the chance to visit. These funds go into our charitable trust for future community grantmaking and we hope to strengthen and promote this partnership with Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery as an important social investment in our community’ Ms Thompson said.

Into Our Hands Board Chair, Loretta Carroll echoed these comments, highlighting how important donations will be for the Foundation’s future; ‘ this is a crucial time for the Foundation as we transition into a fully fledged community trust, we will rely on donations from the public , industry and local business if we are to build a fund that can really support community projects and aspiration beyond what councils can do alone. This year we provided $127,000 in funding and support to this community binging our total funding awarded in our region to over $750,000. We want  to continue that support and we think business and industry has a role to play to help that happen’.

99 Limited Editions Prints of The Kanatgurk and the Crow, individually signed and numbered by artist, Billy Doolan are now available for sale from the Into Our Hands Community Foundation or Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery. Prints are premium quality and will sell for $800 un – stretched and $900 stretched with $200 from each sale donated to the Foundation.

Download an order form from the website or Contact Sarah 0466 252 866 or Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery for more details

To enquire about the Foundation’s work or giving to the Foundation please contact or ph: 0466 252 866


An image of the The Kanatgurk and the Crow. Billy Doolan 2009