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New website launched to grow community awareness about local assets and how we can give back to the places we love in North East Victoria.

North East Victoria is now one of the first places in Australia to have a dedicated website and tailored resources to help people understand the local levels of wealth and assets. The Our Prosperity Realised site is the next iteration of an exciting campaign being led by the Into Our Hands Community Foundation as part of their We Give North East project, an initiative designed to grow giving across our region and for the towns and communities we all love.

People interested to give back to their local community can now get online and explore the various ways you can leave a planned gift or legacy for the community. The site also profiles the giving potential and grant-making possibilities for Mansfield, Alpine, Wangaratta and Indigo shires if the community begins to activate their assets and direct some local community wealth back to charitable gifts in the form of donations or bequests to local causes and needs through the local foundation.

This resource and project were made possible with support from FRRR and June Canavan Foundation as well as Ecstra Foundation. Thank you to project partners, Seer Data & Analytics and 89 Degrees East.

Access our interactive Transfer of Wealth site here

For further information on this approach and how this can support community foundations and regional development, please contact Sarah Thompson, Into Our Hands Community Foundation Executive Officer, info@intoourhands.com.au Ph 0466252866.

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Welcome to an Australian first; an evidence-based approach to assessing and understanding the magnitude of a region’s intergenerational household wealth transfer and profits from local industry. This study explores what this could mean for community asset and endowment building in the short and long-term and ultimately, how this could translate into growing strong, vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities across Australia.

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