Ways of Giving

Support the foundation, discover community philanthropy and the rewards of giving locally!

Establish a Named Sub-fund for Families, Individuals, Groups and Businesses

Establish your own Named Fund and give to the charitable causes that matter to you!

Named sub funds are an easy and simple way to manage your giving. They are ideal for families, individuals, groups and businesses who want to give without the cost and legal requirements of setting up a Private Ancillary Fund or Family Foundation.

Named sub funds operate as a management account for the purpose of tracking donations. Grants can be attributed to a donor or a cause. Donors can choose to establish a sub-fund in any of the trust funds operated and managed by into Our Hands foundation and donations can be made at any time by one or multiple people.

Starting with a small seed donation of $2000, funds are pooled for investment purposes and donors can either choose a flow through option to be able to grant income and capital or an endowment option to allow the fund to grow and support granting in perpetuity by granting income.

Application Form for Establishment of Sub-fund IOH

Into Our Hands Sub-fund Guidelines

Establish a Named Sub-fund for Not-for-profit Organisations

Into Our Hands is committed to supporting not-for-profit community organisations in our region via our grant making. Into Our Hands also provides an option for not-for-profit community organisations to establish a sub-fund.

A sub-fund is useful for not-for-profit community organisations who are interested to build an endowment. This provides the foundation and structure for sustainability and can ease the annual fundraising burdens. Funds are moved from your organisation’s balance sheet and are invested, building over time for future use, rather than being absorbed into recurrent expenditure.

A sub-fund can also broaden your supporter base by offering an independent and secure option for donor gifts, including bequests.

A sub fund with Into Our hands can also offer your organisation:

  • Tax deductible donations: donations to Into Our Hands sub-funds are tax deductible and the sub-fund is income tax exempt
  • Low cost:  sub-funds for not-for-profit community organisations have no establishment costs and a low administration fee
  • Hassle free: IOH manages the administrative and reporting requirements associated with the sub-fund meaning not-for-profit community organisations are free to focus on their core business
  • Pooled investment: while sub-funds are separately identifiable, they benefit from being part of a pooled investment vehicle
  • Flexible income: income can be requested to be granted to the NFP organisation for any purpose including operational costs or to support projects
  • Independence: establishing a sub-fund provides greater independence from external funding sources in the long-term
  • Attract new funding: partnering with IOH provides the potential for not-for-profit community organisations to attract funds from other philanthropic networks.

Into Our Hands Application Form For Sub-fund Establishment

Into Our Hands Sub-fund Guidelines

Corporate Giving/Workplace Giving and Business Funds

There are many ways for businesses and local industry to be involved in their local Community Foundation.

IOH welcomes the opportunity to work with local businesses to identify how you can best support your community and meet your own philanthropic goals.

Businesses can contribute to the Into Our hand foundation public fund by making regular annual donations, they can also become a corporate sponsor of the Foundation to support our operations and role in the community. Lastly, more and more businesses are supporting causes they care about by establishing their own charitable Corporate giving fund.

A corporate giving fund can add value to your corporate social responsibility program and can give your staff, stakeholders and customers the chance to feel good by doing good.

We provide a low-cost, flexible and effective structure to assist companies to achieve their charitable and community giving objectives. We can also set up simple ways for companies to match employee pledges should you wish to double the impact of your giving.

There are several great benefits to a corporate giving fund, including:

  • Acknowledgement as an employer of choice and community contributor through grants your fund provides back to the community
  • build support from your local community and customer base
  • Add value to your company’s reputation and brand.
  • Improved workplace culture, increased workplace morale and engagement
  • Enhanced ability to attract and retain quality staff

Into Our Hands has set up a community initiative for the Wangaratta community, click here to view more info in a downloadable brochure.

Leave a Bequest

Leave a lasting legacy!

A bequest is a powerful way to create a lasting legacy by providing ongoing support to the causes and communities you care about. A bequest is the gift of an asset or other right provided as part of a Will, intestacy or settlement. Bequests may be for a particular asset, amount or percentage of an estate.

Bequest Fact Sheet 

A bequest in a Will can be left in a number of different ways:

  • Pecuniary bequest – a fixed amount specified in a Will.
  • Residuary bequest – the remaining value of an estate when all other bequests to family and friends have been made and liabilities have been paid.
  • Reversionary bequest – allows a surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to be paid to ACF on their death.

Bequests help the Foundation provide ongoing support to causes and organisations that are aligned with your values, extending the impact of your giving beyond your lifetime.

People wishing to include a gift or bequest in their Will to into Our hands can select one of three options:

  1. A general gift to the Into Our Hands Future Community Foundation
    Your gift can be placed in the Community Foundation which supports the strategic and priority grant making for the Foundation.
  2. A gift to an existing named sub-fund
    Your gift can be placed in an existing named sub-fund, either your own, or another whose stated areas of interest you wish your gift to support.
  3. A gift to establish a named sub-fund.
    Your gift can be used to establish a new named sub-fund with specific areas of interest or organisations identified for future granting.

For full instructions and guidance on leaving a bequest please download this fact sheet for discussion with your professional adviser.

Give a living legacy

A living legacy gift involves giving a portion of your estate to the community foundation during your lifetime. An alternative to a bequest, donors of a living legacy gift get to experience the rewards and impact of their giving first hand through the grants and initiatives that the Foundation supports in the community.

A living legacy gift supports the Foundation by enabling it to build a strong and healthy endowment more quickly and assists Into Our Hands to increase the value of grants we can provide back to community and charitable projects in the medium to short term.

Donate to our public fund for general granting support

As the North East’s  Community Foundation, Into Our Hands encourages local people, business and visitors to the region to make donations to help meet the needs of our community; now and in the future. We accept regular or one off donations and can provide a tax deduction.

Importantly, your donation stays 100% local and supports the people and not-for-profit organisations in the north east region.

These donations are retained as capital to build a perpetual and substantial fund for charitable purposes, with the income from this capital used to make local community grants.

Giving to the community Foundation is a gift that grows and allows for more giving!