Mudgegonga & District Landcare identified the Whole of Community Landscape Project as an important step to linking the natural environment, practical farming practices, community gathering spaces, social connection and creativity to develop a more fire safe and resilient community.

The community was very keen to restore the land, address environmental issues and leave a legacy within the landscape. They nominated protection of the remnant trees and their provenance to maintain the last living links with their early heritage, documentation of Aboriginal and European settlement of the district, a memorial trail and the design and building of a more ecologically functional and fire safe landscape. They developed a group has developed a Community Landscape Master Plan, and various groups set about implementing various aspects of it.

The Landscape Committee planted of over 500 deciduous and native trees across the fire affected communities.Others removed old trees at the Bruarong Hall, Upper Gundowring Hall and Mudgegonga before new plantings, while other groups planted trees at New Bowmans/Murmungee Hall and on key local roads and properties to help restore the visual landscape.

Gail Harrison, Committee member and Project Coordinator, was instrumental in engaging the community in a landscape planning process.

“This project provided us with an opportunity for families and community members to revise how we view our environment and how we can improve and bring about positive interaction with our landscape.  We designed and built a more ecologically functional and fire safe landscape,” said Gail.

The Into Our Hands Foundation is proud to have worked with the Alpine and Indigo Whole of Community Landscape and Static Water Committee to bring this to fruition.