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Support your community

How it works

Donations to Into Our Hands stay 100% local in North East Victoria and support charitable projects and organisations.

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Donors can:

  • Give to their local community and nominate an existing fund for their donations from our list of sub-funds and causes.
  • Establish a sub-fund for gifts and donations to a cause or community need of their own choosing.
  • Opt to make their donations tax deductible through our public fund and sub-funds
  • Be acknowledged or remain anonymous, depending on your preference
  • Create a corporate giving fund to meet your specific company philosophy and to enhance corporate social responsibility

Did you know?

$ 1 7 .5 BILLION

$17.5 billion in wealth transferring in North East Victoria from 2020 to 2066

5 %

If 10% of households in North East Victoria donated 5% of their wealth, the community chest would grow by $10m in 8 years.

More than $400,000 annually (growing year on year) in available grants for community projects, investments, infrastructure and support services.

*Into Our Hands Community Foundation & Seer Data & Analytics, Our Prosperity Realised. Growing Community Philanthropy and Regional Development in North East Victoria Technical Report. (11 December 2019)

Donations to Into Our Hands are investments in our community’s future.

Types of Donations

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Donate directly to Into Our Hands

Donations to the Into Our Hands Community Foundation Public Fund are used for general support across North East Victoria and for annual grants to community, non-profit and charitable organisations.

You can also donate directly to Into Our Hands Community Foundation Public Fund to support our operational and administrative costs which allows us to focus on growing philanthropy in North East Victorian communities in Alpine, Indigo, Mansfield and Wangaratta.

Donate to an existing fund

Into Our Hands Community Foundation supports a range of charitable and local causes and needs across North East Victoria. Our Public Fund supports provides general support across the region or you can donate directly to a specific fund to suit your values and community interests. Donations to Into Our Hands Community Foundation sub-funds are tax deductible.

Make a gift in your will

Gifts in Wills or Bequests are a fantastic way to leave a gift and legacy in your community after you have looked after your family and estate planning. These types of gifts help charities grow their asset bases and build their resilience and ability to adapt to changing community needs.

You can leave a gift in your will (bequest) to any of our funds or sub-funds, or you can establish a new sub-fund through a bequest directly to the Into Our Hands Community Foundation. You can identify a cause area, a particular charitable need or organisation or even a place that you love and would like to see supported after you’ve gone. Into Our Hands Trustees will carry out your wishes and values.

Your bequest can be an asset or a monetary amount and it can be:

  • Pecuniary (fixed and specified amount from your estate)
  • Residuary (the remaining value of the estate when all other bequests have been made and liabilities have been paid)
  • Reversionary (this allows your surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to be paid philanthropically on their death)
Leave a legacy

A living legacy is the gift of a portion of your estate to an existing fund at Into our Hands Community Foundation or new sub-fund that you establish during your lifetime. Unlike a bequest, this allows you to see the impact of your donation in your community and perhaps involve your family and loved ones in your philanthropy.

There are many triggers in life that allow for this. You may have a change in financial circumstances, lose a loved one, receive an inheritance or sell a business or an estate that enables you to make a larger than usual charitable gift. 

Talk to us today if a living legacy is of interest to you.

Creating your own sub-fund

Creating your own charitable sub-fund is ideal for families, individuals, groups and businesses who want to give without the cost and legal requirements of setting up a Private Ancillary Fund or Family Foundation. They operate as sub-accounts of our Public or Open funds and are a vehicle for donations and grants. Sub-funds provide donors with the opportunity choose the cause, and community groups they support and are an accessible way to get started in structured philanthropy.  You can start a sub-fund with a seed donation of $10,000.

Donations can be made at any time by one or multiple people. You can choose to establish a sub-fund in any of the trust funds operated and managed by Into Our Hands Community Foundation with tax deductible options available.

Creating a fund for non-profits

A Future Fund is useful for not-for-profit community organisations who are interested in building an endowment for sustainability and independence. Funds are moved from your organisation’s balance sheet and are invested. This allows them to grow for future use, rather than be absorbed into recurrent expenditure.

All the administrative and reporting requirements associated with the sub-fund can be managed by Into Our Hands Community Foundation which opens up opportunities for expanding networks with new donors. Donations to Into Our Hands Community Foundation sub-funds are tax deductible. Future Funds are income tax exempt, have no establishment costs and very low administration fees. Monies held in the Future Fund can be requested for release at any time.

Workplace giving

There are 4 mains ways businesses can contribute philanthropically.

  1. You can make regular, annual donations to the Into Our Hands Community Foundation public fund or an existing sub-fund or community fund.
  2. You can become a corporate sponsor of Into Our Hands Community Foundation to support our operational and administrative costs and allow us to focus on our work to grow philanthropy in the community.
  3. You can create your own charitable Corporate Giving sub-fund to build your public profile as a generous supporter of your community and make donations to build a fund over time for grant-making.
  4. You can set up workplace giving amongst your staff and colleagues for a particular cause or community or support or an existing sub-fund from Into Our Hands Community Foundation.

Into Our Hands Community Foundation can meet with your team to discuss and advise on the best way to meet your business’ corporate philanthropic goals. Tax deductible giving options are available.