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Our Funds

GROW Myrtleford +

Grow Myrtleford+ is a community run charitable fund to support community causes, projects and ideas that will benefit the Myrtleford Community.  

Our goal is raise funds into a community fund to allow for grants to be made to our events, organisations and causes that benefit Myrtleford. The goal is to build a corpus of funds that will support this kind of community grant making in perpetuity (forever). We aim to support meaningful and positive projects across our town and surrounding neighbourhoods and work with existing groups and organisations to continue to grow a vibrant and exciting Myrtleford.

Grow Myrtleford+ seeks to enhance livability, sustainability, and community connections in our town. We want to grow resilience and community capacity as well as local economies. Myrtleford and its community has experienced a lot of changes in the past 100 years, this fund seeks to continue to help Myrtleford grow and transition over time, to support positive outcomes and projects. Our grants and investments will support a vibrant and prosperous Mytleford now and for future generations.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. As a sub-fund of Into Our Hands Community Foundation, GROW Myrtleford+ can receive donations of cash, property and shares.

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