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Our Funds

GROW Myrtleford +

GROW Myrtleford+ is a locally-advised community fund which supports meaningful causes, working with existing projects and organisations to benefit the community.

We invest in the community through grant-giving, encourage growth to create a vibrant and exciting Myrtleford and its surrounding communities, now and into the future.

The GROW Myrtleford+ Fund was established through a generous donation from a local Myrtleford family, who wanted to give back to the community they love.

The community responded by creating an advisory committee of local people to oversee the fund and help GROW its potential.

Launching with a charity cattle sale in partnership with Nutrient Ivone Agencies, the event was a great success through donations from local famers back in December 2021.

GROW Myrtleford+ has since been able to build on this success through additional donations, fund-raising activities and grants to greatly benefit our local community today.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. As a sub-fund of Into Our Hands Community Foundation, GROW Myrtleford+ can receive donations of cash, property and shares. 

Donate to Grow Myrtleford+ for EOFY

As the end of the financial year approaches, seize the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the Myrtleford community. Join us in our Give local. Stays local. EOFY Appeal and become a catalyst for positive change.

Maximise your impact

Your donation to Grow Myrtleford+’s Give local. Stays local. campaign isn’t just a gesture of goodwill — it’s a strategic investment in the future of our town. With tax benefits on the line, now is the perfect time to contribute. Every dollar you give stays local, fuelling initiatives that drive sustainable growth and development.

Support local prosperity

At Grow Myrtleford+, we’re committed to fostering a vibrant and resilient community. By supporting our EOFY Appeal, you’re not only investing in infrastructure and economic development but also in the livelihoods of your neighbours and friends. Together, we can create a Myrtleford that thrives.

Make a difference

Ready to make your mark on Myrtleford’s future? It’s easy to get involved. Simply visit our website to donate securely online or contact us directly for more information. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.

Act now

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly transformative. June 30 is fast approaching—make your donation today and become a champion for Myrtleford’s prosperity.

Together, we Grow Myrtleford+