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Starting a place-based community fund

Why start a place-based community fund?

A place-based community fund is a powerful tool for driving local initiatives and addressing the unique needs of your area. By pooling resources and collaborating with fellow community members, you can create sustainable solutions that make a tangible difference. Here’s why you should consider starting a fund with Into Our Hands:

  1. Direct impact: Your contributions go directly toward supporting projects and programs that benefit your community, ensuring that your efforts have a meaningful and immediate impact.
  2. Local solutions: Who knows your community better than you? By establishing a place-based fund, you have the flexibility to address specific challenges and leverage local strengths to create tailored solutions.
  3. Community engagement: Building a sense of ownership and engagement within the community is essential for long-term success. A place-based fund encourages active participation from residents, fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment.
  4. Sustainability: By investing in local initiatives, you help build a more resilient community that can thrive in the face of challenges. Your fund becomes a sustainable source of support for future generations.

How to get started:

If you’re ready to take the first step toward creating positive change in your community, reach out to Peter McCabe, Into Our Hands’ Executive Officer. Peter is dedicated to helping individuals like you make a difference and will guide you through the process of starting a place-based community fund.

Contact IOH Executive Officer Peter McCabe:
Phone: 0466 252 866