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Types of donations

Donate directly to Into Our Hands

Contributions to the Into Our Hands Community Foundation Public Fund go towards providing broad assistance throughout North East Victoria, including annual grants to community, non-profit, and charitable organisations. 

Additionally, direct donations to the Into Our Hands Community Foundation Public Fund support our operational and administrative expenses. This support enables us to concentrate on expanding philanthropic efforts in North East Victorian communities, encompassing Alpine, Indigo, Mansfield, and Wangaratta.

Donate to an existing fund

Explore our diverse range of funds designed to address specific local needs across North East Victoria. Discover a fund that resonates with your values and interests. 

Click the link below to learn more about their impactful work.

Leaving a legacy in your will

When making a gift to a charity in your Will, it is important to consider the type of gift to make.  You should also talk to your financial advisor or accountant to get advice.

There are many different assets that you can leave as a gift in your Will:  

  • Cash, stock, and bonds
  • Real estate properties and land
  • Personal property, like a car, jewellery, or artwork
  • Non-probate assets, like your life insurance policy or superannuation account

A gift in your will is one of the most enduring gifts you can leave behind. It means your generosity can continue to make an impact for future generations.

Making a gift to a reputable local charity is becoming an increasingly important part of estate planning.

Fostering a strong culture of giving, Into Our Hands has supported local initiatives and charitable projects across North East Victoria, with the philosophy of:


  • Give where you live: Help strengthen and build resilience in the communities and people that you love.
  • Support an established fund: Support an established “place-based, community-led” sub-fund which is already making an impact in your community.
  • Establish a fund to commemorate your family or a loved one: Champion a social issue which is close to you and your loved ones heart with a sub fund that will live on in perpetuity. 

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a powerful way for employers and employees to unite in support of a meaningful cause. Consider joining hands with GROW Myrtleford+ through our Workplace Giving program.

For employees:

  • Smart Giving: Contribute a regular portion or a one-off gift of your pre-tax salary to support a cause that’s making a real difference.
  • Tax Benefits: Enjoy immediate tax benefits as your donations are recorded on your payslip, making tax deductions automatic. It’s hassle-free giving!

 For employers:

  • Boost engagement: Enhance employee engagement and morale by offering a meaningful way to give back.
  • Social impact: Increase your company’s social impact and showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Matching contributions: Choose to match your employees’ donations to amplify the impact of your Workplace Giving program.
  • Employer of choice: Stand out as an employer of choice and attract top talent by demonstrating your dedication to social causes.

Ready to make a difference through Workplace Giving? Contact us today to learn more:


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