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Our Funds

Project 365

In 2021, sixteen musicians and a team of supporters came together in Wangaratta to raise awareness around mental health, with the message that it’s okay not to be okay – you can cry,  together the community raised $33,000. 

We now want to spread our message further and leave a lasting impact on our local community, which is why we have established a sub-fund with Into Our Hands. 

This has included successful concerts in both 2022 and 2023.

Our aim is to raise $200,000, which will contribute to projects & services that benefit our community over 10 years and potentially beyond.
Funds raised will directly go into the Project 365 Sub-Fund, which will be distributed to projects under the direction of an independent panel with regulated funding controls. Our focus will be supporting community-building projects across multiple cohorts but with a focus on youth, specifically, youth projects and services that support young people to builds resilience to overcome mental health issues to enable then to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

The benefits of supporting young people in this way will have an impact for future generations and a lasting legacy.
We’ve seen how powerful human connection can be in having a positive impact on this vital issue, we’d like to offer funds to support services and events centre around bringing people together to have a positive impact on mental health.