About Us

Our Vision

A community foundation that invests in projects and initiatives aimed at building the capacity, strength, cohesiveness and wellbeing of the communities throughout North East Victoria.

What is a Community Foundation?

A Community Foundation is an organisation that enables local people to shape the future of their communities by directing resources (money, time and talent) to support worthwhile local initiatives.  Through this independent organisation people can come together to make their community a better place to live.

 Into Our Hands Community Foundation serves the rural communities throughout North East Victoria

Into Our Hands Foundation offers a secure and direct way of improving and developing strategies for rural communities to build resilience by funding projects that will assist to:

·         Build community capacity

·         Support economic development that encourages population retention and the youth demographic

·         Help communities to build their independence

·         Develop community knowledge and skill base

·         Develop strong communication and partnerships within and outside communities

·         Support environmental sustainability and stewardship

·         Develop communities capacity to navigate change and/or face disasters

·         Support whole of landscape strategic planning and protection

·         Ensure community ownership

·         Develop partnership funding

·         Stimulate community activities (and sense of community)