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How you can make a difference

Consider a gift in your will and your support will help our region prosper into the future.

Talk to us today about how a percentage of your estate could be a lasting gift for the community you love.

You can leave a gift in your will (bequest) to any of our Into Our Hands Community Foundation funds, establish your own sub-fund or leave a general bequest directly to Into Our Hands Community Foundation. We can ensure your wishes and values are honoured so that your donation achieves positive impacts for our local places and people. 

Your bequest can be an asset or a monetary amount and it can be:

  • Pecuniary (fixed and specified amount)
  • Residuary (the remaining value of the estate when all other bequests have been made and liabilities have been paid)
  • Reversionary (this allows your surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to be paid philanthropically on their death)